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Photos by Kathryn Mayhue

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JUST IMAGINE... Arkansas State Park of 12,000 acres bordering Beaver Lake. Imagine a 32-mile trail that you can walk, jog, hike, bike or ride your horse. How about a quick astronomy course, where you can build your own telescope and see more stars than you ever believed were out there? Imagine teaching your children and grandchildren about bugs, birds, early Arkansas history, lumber milling, eagles, caves, bats and blind cave fish, and a shooting range where you can sharpen your target skills.

Imagine the thrill of discovery!

Now stop imagining. Come discover the reality of Hobbs State Park – Conservation Area. Come to Rogers, Arkansas, and head east on Route 12. It's here, now, just waiting for you and your family.

Park Interpreters are waiting to engage you with weekly programs, special events, tours, demonstrations and activities, day-in, day-out, all year long.

And, if active involvement is something you like, Hobbs can use your unique talents. Volunteers with special expertise and backgrounds are good, but not required! Likewise, the Friends group gets no public funding, so donations – and MEMBERSHIPS – are very much encouraged. Join!

Don't imagine any longer. Just click on the drop-down menus above, or any of the items below. Come exercise, study, learn, teach, volunteer and just plain enjoy. It's all here, waiting for you.

The other nice thing is, YOU OWN IT. It's yours! Come have fun!

Upcoming events


Events at Hobbs are wide-ranging. Guided trail tours, Beaver Lake Cruises, Guest Speaker Series, and an incredible array of classroom programs for both adults and children are regular events at the park. On the following pages you will find descriptions and dates for all of the many activities at Hobbs.  Read more


Only minutes away from the busy and noisy sounds of urban life, more that 12.000 acres of Arkansas nature beckons. Long ridges, steep hollows, wildlife and wild flowers, unique geography and unique history -- it's all here.   Read more 

Copyright 2019- Friends of Hobbs State Park - Conservation Area is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 
Send mail to: PO Box 802, Rogers, Arkansas 72757-0802
Located at: 20201 East Hwy 12 - Rogers, Arkansas 72756

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