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If you have ANY questions or concerns, please call the visitor center at 479-789-5000. Notices are also posted at all trail heads.

Trail Status 

Trails will be closed the following dates for hunting season:

  • Deer Muzzleloading: November 20-24
  • Deer Modern Gun: December 04-08
  • Deer Modern Gun Youth: January 11-12

Hobbs is also holds a Zone 1 archery deer season as well (September 28 – February 29), but the trails are NOT closed for this hunting season.


Historic Van Winkle

Ozark Plateau
Sinking Stream
Shaddox Hollow
Pigeon Roost
Bashore Ridge Loop
Dutton Hollow Loop
Little Clifty Creek Loop                                                                                                 
War Eagle Valley Loop

For more information call:  479-789-5000


PLEASE NOTE: The Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area Shooting Range Is CLOSED Pending Repairs!

Range Expected to Re-Open in 2020

July 22, 2019 – Little Rock, AR

Upgrades and replacement of aging infrastructure are major factors in the decision to temporarily close the shooting range at Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area in Northwest Arkansas. The public range will remain closed until all safety concerns can be addressed. The estimated date of re-opening is between 9-12 months from now.

State Park staff, along with Arkansas Game & Fish personnel, are continuing to evaluate and weigh the options of how to make the necessary improvements and operational modifications.

“The time range for completion will vary based on the ultimate route chosen moving forward,” said State Parks Chief Planner Jordan Thomas. “Our staff is evaluating additional grant funding sources to help fund the project.”

The most outstanding safety issues are:

  • Replace the Action Target Capture system – a clam shell piece of heavy metal equipment that visitors shoot into. Now going into its 16th year, it is showing structural failures from aging and prolonged use.
  • Pistol Use – this range was designed for rifles, but increased use of pistols has created potential hazards. Alternatives are being considered to address this concern.
  • Staffing – this is an unmanned range and experts recommend using rangers and perhaps trained volunteers to monitor range usage and provide assistance as needed.

“Our staff regularly checks in on the shooting range when it is open,” said Superintendent Mark Clippinger. “However, we are always exploring ways to improve safety throughout the park. This is one of those areas.”

The management of the range will be evaluated for a more effective use of this public space. To date, Arkansas State Parks has spent almost $600k on construction, general maintenance, improvements and repairs to the range. 

For More Information 479-789-5000

WHEN IT RE-OPENS, Regular Hours will be:

  • Closed Monday
  • Open Tuesday – Sunday
  • 8:00 a.m. – ½ hour before sunset
  • Closed during Hobbs permit hunts

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